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We are an independent construction management firm with over 25 years of experience that provides comprehensive and specialist services of the highest quality in Project Management, Scheduling, Cost Estimating, Cost Controls, Invoicing and Contract Compliance services. While our clients certainly represent a diverse group with a wide range of objectives, they do share a common attribute – the need to have a trusted partner who can serve as a responsible steward.

Our clients benefit from consulting Capital One Consulting Group (COCG) professional consultants because we have the expertise for every phase of work – from project planning, design and pre-construction to construction management and oversight as well as closeout.  Our project expertise includes Aviation, State and City Government, Federal Government, Higher Education, K-12 Schools, Municipal Buildings and Retail.

COCG has vast experience in both the design and construction phases, allowing us to be intimately familiar with their methods and systems. We have worked with both owners, general contractors, engineers and subcontractors, resulting in “real-world” knowledge of construction principles. Our experience in the construction industry enables us to plan and accurately anticipate, evaluate, and recommend preventive measures to avoid or rectify potential problems.

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